• Acoustishield Kit, Hardtop, Fairlane, Torino, 1965-1971


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  • Complete Acoustishield Insulation Kit
  • Reduces Road Noise
  • Reduces Exhaust Harmonics
  • Eliminates Mechanical Noise
  • Stops Body Panel Vibration
  • Reduces Radiated & Reflected Heat
  • Stops Audio System Vibration
  • Includes Pre-Cut Dynamat & Heat Shield Insulation
  • Spray Adhesive & Seam Tape For Installation
  • Illustrated Instructions Included


Acoustishield is a multistage thermal-acoustic insulation and sound damping system that gives older cars and trucks the quiet riding comfort found in today's new vehicles

A complete vehicle acoustic kit includes the cowl, floor, roof, trunk, doors and body panels seat divider, package tray wheel wells, etc.

Kits are year, make and model specific and are pre cut to exact shape for each area covered

Our complete kits are model specific and include everything you nee

Passenger cabin noise levels are reduced by approximately 50 percent and interior heat is virtually eliminated

Using nbsp state-of-the-art auto acoustic technology, this nbsp combination of Dynamat Xtreme sound damper pads and precut heat shield insulation panels will reduce road noise, exhaust harmonics, mechanical noise, body panel vibration and the effects of radiated and reflected heat